Monthly Archives: March 2012

SKYPE surprise!

Today Brooke and Olivia read books to Mrs. Pollock.   We were interrupted twice with a “severe weather drill”!  Students handled it very well.  Mrs. Pollock’s son (also known as Ms. Pollock’s twin brother) was visiting from Arizona.  How cool that we were able to meet him as well!  Dr. Leichliter stopped by to see the kids in action.  He even joined in on the fun and talked to Mrs. Pollock!


Welcome Back!

Our class was very happy to SKYPE with Mrs. Pollock, after a two week hiatus.  She really enjoyed her trip to Florida to visit her friends down there.  Donovan and Jayden each read her a book, and a few students asked her questions about her trip.  We loved hearing about the good seafood she ate, the cool birds she saw, and the alligators!!!  


First graders have been working hard in small reading groups and during “W.I.N.” time.  In anticipation of our 2 week hiatus (due to PSSA testing), the students had a showcase of good work.  Here are some pictures of first graders performing short readers’ theaters.  Keep up the good work!!!

Save those Box Tops!

“March Madness” has begun!  Our PTO is holding a contest for each classroom.  Students will bring in Box Tops from qualifying items (cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes, etc.).  The grade level with the highest average per student will receive a party of their choice.  The contest runs through March 30th.   Let’s fill our basket with box tops!!!

(remember, our school still collects Campbell’s soup labels as well!)

Thanks for your help and support!