Monthly Archives: May 2012

Challenge Day Fun!

Today was a special day at Martic.  The sixth graders set up a “carnival” for other students.  Our class was able to spend 30 minutes outside in the beautiful HOT weather, using quarters, dimes, and nickels to pay for fun!  All proceeds will go to charities.  Thanks sixth graders.  Way to go!!!



Mrs. Pollock, our SKYPEing buddy, came to visit us one last time.  We have enjoyed reading to her every Thursday morning.  Today we had a special treat, SHE read a book to US!!!  We loved hearing Flat Stanley and wish him well when he travels with Mrs. Pollock and Ms. Pollock to Scotland this summer.  Lucky Stanley!!  The first graders are excited to hear Invisible Stanley and some other books in the series.  We will miss seeing you each Thursday Mrs. Pollock!!!!

Field Trip Fun!!

The Martic First Graders (and teachers and parent chaperones) all had a wonderfilled day at Gnome Countryside.   Here are just SOME of the 115+ pictures we took.  Ask your child more about our exciting day! 


A few quick reminders about upcoming events:
Our writing celebration is Thursday, May 10.  Please join our wonderful writers in the Martic library at 10:30 to celebrate their non-fiction “all-about” books.
Friday, May 11 – Early Dismissal at 1:30
Friday, May 18 – First Grade field trip!!!!
Monday, May 21 – Olympic Day 9:15-11:15
Tuesday, May 22 – Concert at MARTICVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL.  7:00.  First grade students are kindly asked to arrive at 6:45.