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First Week Updates

The first two days in 1-S have been awesome ones!  I have loved getting to know the students and look forward to the rest of the year.  Thank you to the families who signed up for my email distribution list.  This will make for very easy correspondence, and save much paper, ink, and time.  Please also note that you can subscribe to this blog!  Scroll down to the bottom right corner, insert your email address(es), and you will receive updates.  Anytime I update the blog, you will receive an alert to check the website.  If you have any questions, please just ask!

Thank you again, here’s to another great 2 days!


By now, I hope my new students have all received my welcome letters in the mail.  I am very busy getting ready for the new year.  For the past two days the Hambright staff has synergized (worked together) to put the “Leader in Me” process to work in our building.  I am beyond excited for this experience!

Being a new teacher to the Hambright community, I am anxious to meet all of you and get to know my students’ families.  Having an open door policy, I invite all of you to visit the classroom next week.  If you are available to stop by, please come see me before school begins!  I will be working in our classroom, 210, on Tuesday, August 21st and Wednesday the 22nd.  Anytime between 8:00 and 4:00 would be great times for you to stop in.  Just a few minutes to see the room, put a face with the name, and become comfortable.  

Hope to see you then!
~Miss Szentesy

Yummy Yummy

For this year, please note that the cafeteria will no longer offer the peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich.  Reminder for the first day choices:

A-Chicken Patty on roll
B-Ham&Cheese sandwich
C-PBJ ONLY-we will NO LONGER be offering PBM
D-Yogurt and string cheese

Milk is fat-free for chocolate and strawberry, 1% for white. There are major changes to the fruits and veggies part-students MUST have either a fruit or veggie every day-their choice.  All breads are whole grain-no white.
First grade students are to choose their lunch as a morning job.  Thank you parents for discussing the choices with your children before they arrive at school.  Packing is always another option, if you desire.

Thank you!