Monthly Archives: October 2012

School is Cancelled….

Due to the storm which is brewing….Penn Manor School District is closed on Monday, October 29 AND Tuesday, October 30.  I am hoping everyone is safe and dry!   And hoping to see you on Wednesday (day 1).    School WILL be in session on Monday, November 5 (weather make-up day).  The second make-up day will be determined at a later date.

Pending the power situation, I will be working on some classwork for a graduate class I am taking online.  If you have power, comment or email me with what you are doing with your time!  If you lose power:  curl up with a good book, play some board games, tell stories with your family.  I’m sure you’ll have some exciting things happening.  Students know how to “catch” a story, tell it across 5 fingers, and save that story for later.  Or better yet, just grab some paper and write down your story for me!

Wacky Wednesday/Thursday!

The students in 1-S have earned their next reward.  For receiving 25 compliments on our baseball poster, they voted to have a “Wacky Wednesday.”  However, due to our Red Ribbon Week, on Wednesday the students are asked to wear red.  We will celebrate Wacky Wednesday on Thursday, October 25 (“CRAZY SOCK” day).            

Students are allowed to dress funny:  mismatched clothes, rolled-up pants, wacky hairstyles, etc.  Let’s have fun and be WACKY!!

Wacky Wednesday….so wacky, we won’t even HAVE it on a Wednesday!  🙂

Red Ribbon Week

To celebrate “red ribbon” week (being drug and alcohol free, making healthy choices), Hambright is requesting students show support by marking the following special days.  If you can, please:

Monday:  wear sports jerseys and team gear
Tuesday:  wear orange
Wednesday:  wear red
Thursday:  wear crazy socks

Friday:  wear sweatpants and sweatshirts

Fire Safety

This week is “Fire Prevention Week.”  Our class practiced at least 2 ways out of a room in case of fire.  Here are a few pictures of students working together (synergizing) to get people counters out of the house and safely to the meeting place.