School is Cancelled….

Due to the storm which is brewing….Penn Manor School District is closed on Monday, October 29 AND Tuesday, October 30.  I am hoping everyone is safe and dry!   And hoping to see you on Wednesday (day 1).    School WILL be in session on Monday, November 5 (weather make-up day).  The second make-up day will be determined at a later date.

Pending the power situation, I will be working on some classwork for a graduate class I am taking online.  If you have power, comment or email me with what you are doing with your time!  If you lose power:  curl up with a good book, play some board games, tell stories with your family.  I’m sure you’ll have some exciting things happening.  Students know how to “catch” a story, tell it across 5 fingers, and save that story for later.  Or better yet, just grab some paper and write down your story for me!

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