Monthly Archives: November 2012

SKYPE reading!

This week, Callie and Brock each read a story to Mrs. Pollock via SKYPE.  The other students enjoyed hearing them read “The Bookstore Cat” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?”  In December, we will continue to read with her on Tuesday mornings.    First graders continue working on reading fluently, with expression, so that others understand (and enjoy) our books.  Keep up the reading, leaders!

Callie reads clearly into the computer “microphone” and “camera”
Mrs. Pollock’s face shows her enjoyment!
Brock reading fluently: “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”


Upcoming Class

Coming up in December, our class will have a lesson taught by Mr. Crowther.  He teaches in our building once a week, teaching “21st century skills.”  There is a section on the Penn Manor website mentioning the lesson.  Or….take a look at the “link” below to get a preview!  (check for a first grader you may know in Eshleman Elementary’s video)


A Friendly Reminder

Hello First Grade Families!
Just a friendly reminder to please be prompt with your conferences Wednesday and Thursday.  THINK WIN-WIN! 🙂   I know your time is precious, so I will not take up more than the 15 allotted minutes.  Most of my times are back-to-back, so your on-time arrival will be important.  I want us all to be successful and have a good experience to help your child with first grade.
Thank you!
~Miss Szentesy