Monthly Archives: December 2012

Special Delivery!!

Today was a great day at Hambright!  The school had a lengthy, but fun assembly in the morning.  First graders performed the Leader Song, sang along with others, and were a great audience to all.  The best part of the day…..right before lunch, the mailman delivered the mail to Mrs. Jackson in the office.  One large envelope came that was almost frozen!  Grabbing some oven mitts to protect her hands, she quickly rushed the envelope to our room…..

Mrs. Jackson rushed in with the package
Mrs. Jackson rushed in with the package
What's inside?
What’s inside?
Lots of little envelopes!
Lots of little envelopes!
Everyone received an ice-cold letter from the North Pole!
Everyone received an ice-cold letter from the North Pole!

Pajama Day!

Because the Hambright community raised an AMAZING $1,000.00 for the Seaside Heights Elementary School, the students are permitted to wear pajamas at school on Friday, December 21!!!  Please see that your child does wear sneakers, as we will be going outside for recess.  If time permits, we may be able to wear slippers IN the building during part of the day.  But sneakers must be worn during lunch and recess times.  Thank you for all of your support in helping out another school in desperate need of assistance.    

If you have any questions about Friday’s pajama day, please let me know!   Thank you!
(Just a reminder….We will have a 1:30 early dismissal that day as well!)

Truckin’ Along

On Wednesday, Mr. Crowther taught us an exciting lesson!  We discussed the StoryTown selections, “Miss Jill” and “Big Rigs.”  From there, Mr. Crowther shared some details about the rigs, flat-bed trucks, and cargo.  Students were paired up and loaded their trucks with boxes (of tvs, milk crates, microwaves?….ok, they were wooden blocks).  Groups sent the trucks down a big ramp, and recorded their number of blocks using tallies (with hopefully little spillage!).    Students then used a flat-bed truck to transport big pipes down the ramp, using only a few legos to hold them in place.  Thanks Mr. Crowther!  It was an awesome afternoon, we didn’t want the fun learning to end!

What is "cargo?" Olivia R. and Anthony watch their truck go! Meghan and Noah tally their blocks Olivia C. and Toula  Mackenzie's awesome recording sheet Lucas and Aidan  Next there were three big pipes to transport down the ramp Ben and Gershom Mr. Crowther has another one ready


We are writers!

The students in 1-S completed the second unit of writing “Small Moments” this week.  What a special treat to share our work with the sixth graders!  They were very gracious to give up some of their time Friday afternoon to come listen to our published stories.  Thanks sixth grade!  And WONDERFUL JOB first grade writers!