Truckin’ Along

On Wednesday, Mr. Crowther taught us an exciting lesson!  We discussed the StoryTown selections, “Miss Jill” and “Big Rigs.”  From there, Mr. Crowther shared some details about the rigs, flat-bed trucks, and cargo.  Students were paired up and loaded their trucks with boxes (of tvs, milk crates, microwaves?….ok, they were wooden blocks).  Groups sent the trucks down a big ramp, and recorded their number of blocks using tallies (with hopefully little spillage!).    Students then used a flat-bed truck to transport big pipes down the ramp, using only a few legos to hold them in place.  Thanks Mr. Crowther!  It was an awesome afternoon, we didn’t want the fun learning to end!

What is "cargo?" Olivia R. and Anthony watch their truck go! Meghan and Noah tally their blocks Olivia C. and Toula  Mackenzie's awesome recording sheet Lucas and Aidan  Next there were three big pipes to transport down the ramp Ben and Gershom Mr. Crowther has another one ready


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