Monthly Archives: January 2013

Requested items

We are half-way through the school year and some of our supplies are beginning to run low.  If you are out shopping and would like to pick up any tissues or any clorox/lysol disinfectant wipes, we can surely put them to good use!  Thank you for any help you can give us! 🙂 

January SKYPE session

Celeste, Evan, and Gershom all read books to Mrs. Pollock last week.  They all did a great job, and we were happy to see her again this new year.  It was an extra-special treat to meet her son from Arizona and ask him some questions too.  We look forward to “seeing” her again soon!

Celeste reading - showing pictures  Evan reading fluently Mrs. Pollock enjoys their reading!  Gershom reads a funny book

2013-2014 Calendar!?

Our Superintendent and the School Board will be making the Penn Manor district calendar in the next few months.  Dr. Leichliter has shared some options and would like to receive feedback. Below you will see two options and a link to a very BRIEF survey.  Please feel free to take the survey and share any options/ideas with our district! 

Draft A
Draft B


Option ‘A’ or the “I like to finish school in the first week of June” version.

Option ‘B’ or the “I want two weeks of vacation next Christmas/New Year and don’t mind waiting until the 2nd week of June” version.

 Please list your name and email only if you want a direct response from Dr. Leichliter. Here is the survey link:


Thanks and we appreciate your feedback!


Welcome Back!

Today was a great day back to Hambright!  The students in 1-S were re-energized and ready to tackle 2013.  While we were all excited to share some of our holiday fun, the students were also able to get right back on track with learning as well!  Way to go!

Also, we did celebrate our last “compliment party” earned in December, with hot chocolate this afternoon.  I was caught up in the excitement and forgot to snap a picture of the tasty treats!  But, please know that the kids and teacher enjoyed some hot cocoa to warm us up on this chilly January day! Keep up the awesome work!