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Calling Hambright Leaders!

If you LOVE having the “Leader in Me” program at your school, would you consider helping another Penn Manor Elementary School?  The staff and students at Central Manor would really appreciate it!  They are having a Stauffers shopping night tomorrow March 20, from 4-9pm. If you shop at the Stauffers at Rohrerstown and take your receipt to the desk, they will donate 10% of the profits to Central Manor.  They are hoping for a great turn-out.  Let’s SYNERGIZE and help our fellow Penn Manor leaders-in-training!

Math is a Picnic!

First graders enjoyed a special hour-long session with Mrs. Mowery from the Hands-on House.  She taught us all about using Math as a Picnic!  On the “picnic” side, we skip-counted the ants on some desserts, put fractions together to make some pies, estimated the amount of beans to fill a container, estimated the size of a sandwich to fill Mr. Big Mouth, and added the ketchup/mustard on the burgers and dogs (sum or difference was found on the corresponding bun).     After eating, we played in the park!  We subtracted leaves by using a wind-machine to blow them off a tree, measured our fish in inches (only trying to catch the “keepers!”), found symmetrical butterflies in a net, sorted bugs by shape/color/size, and weighed teddy bears on a balance scale.  We are VERY grateful to our PTO for helping to provide all the first grade classes with such a wonderful time.  

Speaking of the PTO, have you sent in your label sheets for our big fundraiser?  You have one more day! (Wed. March 13 is the deadline).

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Snow Day!

School is closed today, Wednesday, March 6.  Enjoy your day off! Reminder, we will have a spelling and reading test tomorrow.  Grab a good book, write out those Race for Education labels, play some games!

Also, please note that school will now be in session on Thursday, March 28.

Have a fun day!


“It’s just not funny when your nose is runny…”
Not only are those the opening lines from a winter poem we read, it’s very true!  Our students are in need of tissues.  The next time you are out at the store, would you consider picking up an extra box of tissues?  Any donations are always welcome, and our noses will thank you!