Poetry Celebration

Thank you to the families and special guests who attended our Poetry Celebration last Thursday.  The first graders enjoyed sharing their poetry anthologies with each one of you!

Serious writers! Proud writers with their published work! Poets spread out in the cafeteria Drew with his mom and brother Lailani and her mom Lucas reads his poems while Meghan also listens Toula with her family Jeremy, his mom, and dad Aidan and his mom Ben reads to his mom Katelyn patiently waits for a listener Olivia R. with her family JJ reads to Gershom's dad Anthony is proud to read his poems Smiling Gordon! Meghan reads to her family Celeste with her family Evan reads to Mrs. Seiger Ethan reads to Lucas' mom Chase reads his poems proudly Gershom with JJ's family Noah reads his poetry book Wacky writers!

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