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Reading Challenge!

Hambright’s very own “Reading Queen” (aka Mrs. Wimer) has a new challenge for students this summer.  Students will learn more about this program on Thursday.  Click on the words “Summer Reading” below and find out some details ahead of time!  Also, see the attachment for some tips on reading with your child over the summer.  Your children worked very hard this school year, and we do not want to see the reading abilities “slump” over the next few months. 

Summer Reading


The Heat is On!

After spending some time in the classroom today, and looking at the forecast for the week….I just want to remind parents about water bottles.  If your child would like a water bottle at school, please feel free to send one in.  It is much easier (and less distracting!) for students to have cold water at their fingertips!  

Stay cool!  Thank you!

All About Books!

Thursday was a great day at Hambright!  First, students dodged raindrops while exiting the buses, waving to cheering teachers on the roof.  Then 1-S celebrated our Box Top goal by wearing pajamas all day.  Finally, we shared our published non-fiction chapter books with our special guests today!  Here are some moments from our exciting day!

Authors surrounded by books  Olivia C.  Olivia R. shares with her family  Proud Writer Anthony!  Lucas reads to Celeste's dad  Meghan reads to Dr. Egan  Celeste is all smiles!  Ethan reads with Mrs. Etzweiler  Aidan teaches about baseball  Drew is all smiles!  Gershom teaches all about lions  Noah reads "All About Fish"  Brock reads to Ben's mom  Katelyn teaches about dolphins  Toula reads her book  JJ reads to his mom  Lailani is proud!  Adrien reads about football  Ben reads about basketball  Evan  Jeremy shares about Dr. Seuss

1-S Reminders

****Thursday is Pajama Day!!!  Students may come to school dressed in pajamas, or they may change into them here.  We DO have phys ed (please…no night shirts ladies), and we will need sneakers!  If students would like to wear slippers at other times of the day, that will be fine.

****If you are attending our writing celebration, please stop in at the office to sign in with Mrs. Jackson.  This is our school policy.  You will then be permitted to walk upstairs to the library.  Due to the book fair wrapping up, we will need to start a little later.  We will begin the writing celebration at 11:50.  Please wait outside in the hallway until our writers are ready to welcome you to the celebration.

Thank you for all of your support!!!
~Miss Szentesy 🙂

Readers’ Theatre

This Tuesday, Mrs. Pollock was treated to a “readers’ theatre” via SKYPE.  Students were in a small room, and I had difficulty getting a picture of Mrs. Pollock and her reaction.  But she really did love it!  Here are the awesome reader leaders….Olivia, Meghan, Noah, Jeremy, Ben, and Toula.


  Readers' Theatre  Readers!

Race Day!

Tomorrow is our much-anticipated “Race for Education!”  First graders will be running from 10:30-11:30 on Friday.  Please come out and support our leaders!  While it is a “day 3,” we need students to dress as if it was a Phys. Ed. day.  Layers are best, since we are running in the morning, and it may be chilly.  Sneakers are a MUST!  Thank you for all of your support!
~Miss Szentesy