Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer Reading and Leading

Summer is in full swing, and school will be starting next month.  Are you keeping up with your pledge to the Reading Queen? I read a lot for a graduate class I took in June.  July saw me reading for fun by the pool and the beach.   Keep track of your minutes on the calendar from the Reading Queen! 

Which of the 7 habits have you displayed the most this summer?  What do you need to work on more?  You might be proactive by “being in charge of yourself” and being responsible for your toys and books.  (or do you need many reminders to put your things away?)  Are you following the second habit and making a plan for the day?  Put first things first, work then play!  Be sure to think win-win with your siblings, friends, and parents.  Are you being a good listener first, before speaking?  Synergize with others, because “together is best!”     I am confident that you are finding fun ways to follow our 7th habit, and sharpen your saws.  Be sure to find the “Leader in Me” every day!   🙂