First Day!

Today was a fabulous day in 1-S!  I am so proud of your children for making it a whole day in first grade.  Here are some things we covered:

-learned how to make lunch choice
-colored a school bus morning paper
-read a silly book called First Grade Jitters
-took a tour of the building, including the nurse’s office, school counselor’s room, and the office
-had Physical Education with Mrs. Barnett (sneakers on every day 1 and 3!)
-learned a poem “First Day of School”
-enjoyed a morning snack of animal crackers
-read a big book called My Puppy, then acted the story, and created our own version.  Did your child read you the paper book “My Bunny?” Look for it!
-ate LUNCH in the cafeteria!
-lunch recess with the other first graders
-created a t-shirt activity with our favorite summer fun, which is hanging in the hallway
-participated in our first school-wide assembly
-received a yellow “take-home” folder
-6th grade buddies helped us to board the buses at dismissal


This was a great day for me and hopefully your students as well!


Parents:  The folder that came home holds some very important information.  It may seem overwhelming, but it’s only for the first day!  Normally it will not be this thick!  I appreciate your help in returning the items in the left pocket as soon as possible.  A few things from the right side (packet from me with the heading “Welcome to 1-S!”) may also need to come back to school.  


Have you completed the reading challenge from the Reading Queen?  Please return soon so you can be rewarded for meeting your goals set in kindergarten.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you have or questions.  You can also subscribe to this blog, by typing your name in the box to the right.  Click “subscribe” and you’re done!  Every time I post something to our class page, you will be alerted via email.


Thank you in advance for your help and support throughout the year.  I know it will be a fantastic year for us all!


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