Monthly Archives: October 2013

Red Ribbon Week is coming!

Begin with the End in Mind….. plan ahead for next week.  


Next week is Red Ribbon Week
Monday:  Team Up Against Drugs! (wear sport jerseys and team gear)
Tuesday:   Orange You Glad You Don’t Do Drugs? (wear orange)
Wednesday: I’m Proud to be Drug Free! (wear red)
Thursday: Sock It To Drugs! (show off your crazy socks)
Friday:  Living Drug Free: No Sweat! (wear sweatpants and Leader T-shirts)

Thanks for helping to support being Drug Free!

Fire Safety Week

Wrapping up “Fire Safety” Week (actually last week), students in 1-S practiced a fire escape plan at school.  Students worked in pairs to challenge one another to find a safe way out of the building.  Great synergizing and thinking “win-win” first grade!
Skyler and Aidan Evan and Madelyn Nadelyne and Gavin Victoria and Cole Alexis and Saurab....Brett and Nayla Madison and Angel Renzy and Jordan Cayleigh and Daniel Wilfredo and Daphne

We are Writers!

The students in 1-S completed their first unit in writing workshop.  Students chose their favorite piece (a story, a letter, or a list) to share with others, edited some words, fixed up pieces, and then added some finishing touches.  Each child had a chance to be a formal author and sit in the Author’s Chair.  He or she then read their published work to the class.  All students were very proud of their hard work so far!

Author's Chair  Proud authors