Monthly Archives: November 2013

Dreidel fun!

Hanukkah is celebrated on Thanksgiving this year, so we started our “Winter holidays” a little early! Students enjoyed learning to play the dreidel game today.  In groups of four, they excitedly spun the dreidel, checked where it landed, and made the appropriate action.  All children wanted to land on “gimel!”   Instead of gold coins or candy, we simply used teddy bear counters from our classroom.  What a fun way to end this rainy Tuesday!?


Skyler, Evan, Isabella, Saurab  Madison, Wilfredo, Cayleigh  Victoria, Renzy, Nayla, Jordan  Madelyn, Brett, DJ, Arianna  Cole, Aidan, Alexis, and Ethan  Daphne, Nadelyne, Angel, Gavin

Writing Celebration #2

The first graders finished their writing unit “Writing Small Moments.”  They were excited to share their published work with some leaders from sixth grade.  These students chose to visit first grade and hear their stories, rather than go out for recess.  Thanks so much sixth graders!  We loved sharing our writing with you, and hearing your kind words.  Thanks for filling our buckets, you’re the best!  

(Here are some pictures.  Gavin, Aidan P., Nadelyne, Angel, and Arianna were there too, but those pictures unfortunately did not turn out! I’m sorry!)

Brett  Isabella  Saurab  Ethan  Nayla  DJ  Skyler  Daphne  Madison  Evan  Alexis  Cole  Madelyn  Jordan  Aidan K.  Victoria  Wilfredo



Conference Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that most families from 1-S have conferences scheduled tomorrow (Wednesday, November 13).  Thank you for being prompt, as I have only 15 minutes per student.  Most students’ times are scheduled back-to-back so I can not run late.  I will stay on top of the times.  I know your time is valuable, and many of you have other children’s conferences to get attend.  If something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled time, please let me know as soon as you can.  Thanks so much!

Also….the next three days, students will be dismissed at 1:30.  🙂

Back to Reading

Finally… work with individual students is complete.  After spending over a week working on “end of the marking period” testing, I am happy to say that report cards are just about complete!  I am looking forward to getting back to regular reading groups again.  Red reading folders will again come home containing homework for your children to work on.  Thanks for your patience as we completed necessary assessments.  I also look forward to spending time next week with parents, sharing with you the progress your children are making.