School Closed!

Penn Manor is now CLOSED today.  Enjoy the day off, play games with the family, snuggle up with a good book(s), write me a story (or comment on the blog here!).  

Abbreviated weekly (daily?) newsletter: We had a fun day back yesterday.  It is so nice to be greeted with smiles and warm hugs after a 12-day break!  During our class meeting, students each shared 1 of their favorite gift items, and 1 fun thing that happened.  It was great hearing about their holiday break.   It sounds like all of my leaders were on the nice list!  We had a few visits from the tooth fairy, some pierced ears, and many fun family experiences shared.

In language arts, students heard a new big book “Fireflies, Fireflies, Light My Way,” learned new spelling words (with the “ch/tch” digraph), and read from their new StoryTown books.  In math, we reviewed adding doubles and learned to use doubles to subtract.  They also played a game on the mimio.  For writing, we discussed new years’ resolutions.  Each first grader came up with a goal/resolution for the new year.  I was impressed with the thought process used when generating their individual goals.  Also, who could forget another “Pete the Cat” book!  The new one we read was about his “COOL, BLUE, MAGIC Sunglasses!”  Click this link for more fun!

Next week:
Monday:  Day 2 – Music
Tuesday:  Day 3 – Phys. Ed.
Wednesday:  Day 4 – Art, also an artist assembly 
Thursday:  Day 5 – Book Exchange, Miss Szentesy is not teaching.  I will be assessing students today for the end of the marking period tests 
Friday:  Day 6 – Music, Scholastic book orders due (they will now come home on MONDAY!) 

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