More Snow!

Hello First Grade families!  Another snow day is on the way.  Penn Manor is CLOSED for Wednesday, January 22.  Our early dismissal will move to Thursday, Jan. 23.  The early dismissal will still be at 1:30 on Thursday (day 1….bring sneakers!).

I spent today relaxing, doing some laundry, reading some magazines, napping, and watching college basketball.  What are you doing to pass the time?  Send me an email or comment to share your snow day activities!

I hope you are all having fun family time!  This “cabin fever” can be stressful for families, but can also be a joyous time being together.  Stay warm and safe!


Please note….this will now add to the end of the school year.  It looks like our last day of school will be on MONDAY, June 9.

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