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Did you remember?

…to fill out your label sheets?  The Race for Education is coming up and the first deadline is fast approaching!  Label sheets are due on this Monday.  All you need to do is complete a few addresses (or many!), and keep the green sheet attached to the front (with the casual names of the address names).  If you send in as few as 5, your child will earn a prize, and you will be helping toward our class goal.  Thanks for helping our amazing PTO to raise funds for our school!  Hambright Leaders (and their families!) Rule!

We made it!

Day 100 FINALLY arrived!  Originally on my calendar for February 3, after many snow, ice, freezing cold days off, we finally reached it.  Our class enjoyed a late start today and then some sharing about everyone’s “snowy days.”  First graders were so sweet when opening their valentines, thanking everyone, and just being so grateful to share friendships with each other.  Today’s afternoon was spent synergizing in the cafeteria with some mom, dad, grandma, and even high school helpers.  (Thanks again! We couldn’t have done it without all of you!)  What a great way to celebrate day 100.  I hope to post pictures of your kiddos soon.  Check on the Penn Manor page as well, Mr. Wallace came to see what the excitement was all about.  Maybe he will be updating the district site!  In the meantime, check out your “100-year-old” teachers! 


Check out the district website for a neat article on our afternoon!


Mrs. Bittenbender, Mr. Heiney, and MIss Szentesy



Good morning!
We have a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten today.  Plan for a day of F-U-N!  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day, have lunch, and then celebrate Day 100!   Pfew!
Parent helpers can arrive at school and report to the cafeteria at 1:15 to receive instructions.  I am sure thankful to get the day in!  Hopefully it’s our last delay for the year!

Closed Friday

Good morning,
We are CLOSED today.  A 5-day weekend!?  On Tuesday the 18th we will celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Have you packed your valentines?  We will celebrate Day 100 as well.  Did you finish your project?  I do not have word about when Spring Pictures will be rescheduled.  

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!  I miss my First Grade Valentines!

Friday, February 14

I hope all of you are doing well on this NINTH snow day of the year!  Penn Manor will start tomorrow with a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten.  With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, PICTURE DAY!, and having an assembly in the afternoon, we will not celebrate day 100.  Students are encouraged to bring the rest of their valentines for their friends (including our new student, Jean!).   Day 100 will be celebrated on day 101, Tuesday the 18th.  

My fingers and toes are crossed to get the day in tomorrow! 🙂

Day 100 changes???

Hello families!

Looks like Mother Nature may be playing tricks on us again. For those of you who are helping us for our “day 100 stations”…..we are HOPING to celebrate day 100 on Thursday.  However, if we get ANY snow days this week, we will celebrate it on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18.  

If anyone else would be available to help out, please let me know.  We have room for more special grown-ups to assist and have fun with kiddos on Day 100.  🙂

Looking forward to the day….whenever it may be!

2-hour delay

Good morning!

Penn Manor has a 2-hour delay today!  No PE, since we will be in late.  But, if you send your child in boots, you may still want to put a pair of sneakers in the bookbag, as some kids complain that their boots are not the most comfortable.

Thank you!


Math review fun!

The first graders in 1-S worked so hard (and had fun too…shhhh!!!!) Friday that I just had to take a few snapshots.  Here they are working in groups to review telling time to the hour and half-hour.  Math stations involved some games and books and hands-on activities using clocks.  What fun!?

Brett, Wilfredo, Victoria, Daphne Nadelyne, Cayleigh, Isabella, Skyler Madelyn, Angel, Cole IMG_5087 Renzy, Evan, Saurab, Jordan IMG_5082

Abbreviated Week

Because this week was so short, I did not create a newsletter to send home.  But, here are a few “heads-up” items for next week:

Monday: Day 1 – Phys. Ed.
Tuesday: Day 2 – Music
Wednesday: Day 3 – Phys. Ed.
Thursday: Day 4 – Art, Day 100! (Parent helpers please arrive by 1:10 to receive your instructions)
Friday: Day 5 – Book Exchange, Valentine’s Day, Spring Picture Day, Race-for-Education kick-off assembly

Reminder, if you can volunteer and help us greatly on Day 100, please note that it will be Thursday!  1:15-3:15 in the cafeteria.  Please let me know if your plans have changed.  We’d love to have anyone who is available!  You will work at a station with another parent (if possible) and have 7-8 students in your group.  Your job is to just help the students complete the task.  The KIDS will move from station to station, you can stay put and interact with children when they come to see you.  Thank you for your help! 🙂