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Race for Education

Only 2 more days to Race day!!!   The school has raised over $10,000.  Will we reach our $11,000 goal?  

A reminder that  our class will be outside running from 2:00-3:00 this Friday.  We hope that you can come to cheer on your children.  Please have your student wear his or her Leader shirt and comfortable clothes/sneakers as well.  Water will be provided for the kids that day so they do not need water bottles.


Picnic Reward

We scheduled our students’ reward for today, thinking the weather would cooperate.  At least it wasn’t raining!  We had a fun time eating lunch with our friends in the courtyard.  This reward was for first graders’ label returns.  They averaged at least 5 labels per student, earning this fun picnic.  Way to go leaders!

(A side note….as I do not eat lunch with students often, I was surprised at the amount of food that goes uneaten.  It may not be a bad idea to discuss lunch with your child.  I was shocked at the number of trays that were dumped with food going into the trash can. Some was hardly touched at all!)

IMG_5769  IMG_5762  IMG_5766  IMG_5771  IMG_5770  IMG_5765  IMG_5764  IMG_5761  IMG_5767



Wednesday Reward!

The first graders have met their “Race for Education” goal!  They brought in an average of at least 5 labels per student.  To celebrate, they earned a picnic lunch with their teachers.  This will take place on Wednesday, April 23.  We will eat lunch outside in the courtyard.  If you have a blanket or sheet you’d like to send with your child, please be sure to label it with your name.  We’ll see that it gets home with your child safely in the afternoon.  

Thanks for all of your help in our school’s largest fundraiser!  We are looking forward to a fun Wednesday!

Poems All Around!

Thursday was a day full of more fun!  First graders read their poetry books to some special fifth graders.  Thanks to the leaders in Mrs. Hockley’s class, for being eager listeners and sharing in our success.  (and sharing their cool seats!)  We look forward to the start of their poetry unit and seeing their finished products!   

Cole  Isabella  Madelyn  Gavin  Daphne  Madelyn  Brett  Evan  Ethan  Alexis  Jean  Nayla  Saurab  Wilfredo  Cayleigh  Madelyn  Aidan P.  Angel  group


Looks like the leaders in 1-S forgot to get dressed this morning! 🙂  We had a fun, relaxing, well-deserved day of celebration.  I don’t think TOO many first graders fell asleep during instructional time.  At dismissal today, I reminded the girls and boys “Please remember your library books tomorrow….and also, remember to get dressed!”

Proud Leaders  I hear snoring.



The students have earned their next reward!  They caught 25 compliments and have chosen a “Pajama Party” to celebrate their hard work!  We will celebrate on Wednesday, April 9.  We hope to have everyone participate, as they all contributed to the reward.  Please feel free to send your child to school in pajamas (as long as they are appropriate!).  If you prefer to have them change, they can wear regular clothes, and then change into Pajamas here at school.  Students will be permitted to wear slippers as well!  (have sneakers for the bus, lunch, and recess.)

Looking forward to a fun day of celebration!

Want to meet Pete the Cat?

Many students in my class have fallen in love with “Pete the Cat,” based on the fun books by Eric Litwin and James Dean.  Pete teaches students to “keep walking along….and singing your song….cuz it’s all good!”  Pete the Cat will be making an appearance at the Manheim Township Public Library on April 15!  If you are interested, this FREE event requests registration.  Call, email, register now if you plan to attend. 

Click here for more information.  

Pete the Cat