Picnic Reward

We scheduled our students’ reward for today, thinking the weather would cooperate.  At least it wasn’t raining!  We had a fun time eating lunch with our friends in the courtyard.  This reward was for first graders’ label returns.  They averaged at least 5 labels per student, earning this fun picnic.  Way to go leaders!

(A side note….as I do not eat lunch with students often, I was surprised at the amount of food that goes uneaten.  It may not be a bad idea to discuss lunch with your child.  I was shocked at the number of trays that were dumped with food going into the trash can. Some was hardly touched at all!)

IMG_5769  IMG_5762  IMG_5766  IMG_5771  IMG_5770  IMG_5765  IMG_5764  IMG_5761  IMG_5767



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