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Physical Fun Day!

Tomorrow is Physical Fun Day for first grade.  We are all hoping the weather cooperates for us to hold this fun time tomorrow (Wednesday, May 28).   Please see that your child is dressed properly for the weather.  We will have Phys. Ed., so sneakers are of course required.  Being outside, I appreciate you applying sunscreen to your child in the morning before sending your kiddo to school.  We will be outside from 1:15-3:15.  

Should the scattered thunderstorms  occur, the rain date for Physical Fun Day is next Wednesday, June 4.  Stay tuned!

StoryTown Packets

Today your child received a packet of “work” beginning with page 31.  This IS NOT homework!   Our language arts series, Harcourt’s Story Town, contains 30 lessons.  We will not finish all of the work, so I sent them home.  Some students had fun working on the pages and “getting ahead” today!  Feel free to use them this summer on a rainy day, a hot/humid day, an “I’m bored…I have nothing to do!” day…  Whatever works!  But I will not need to see any of them.   ENJOY!

Looking for Library Books

Please help your child to remember their library books….tomorrow (Friday, May 23) is our final Book Exchange lesson of the year.  ALL student library books are to be returned for good.  Mrs. Etzweiler and Mrs. Nadig must not only check in all books and complete inventory on them, but this year, must box up all of the books for moving to our NEW BUILDING!  Thank you for remembering the books for the morning!

Rainy Day Change of Plans

With the imminent rain the forecasters are predicting for tomorrow, the first grade teachers have decided to cancel our trip to Greider Park.  However, please note that we will still have a “first grade picnic.”  We encourage students to still dress as if we were going to the park.  First graders will still eat lunch together, and have a packed lunch.  If you signed up for a bagged lunch from the cafeteria, it will be provided for you.  If you are packing lunch, please still send that in.  We promise to have a fun day, with little to no “academic work” as planned for the trip!  Also, because of the limited space, we appreciate your understanding that parent chaperones are not needed for this day.  We are sorry to miss this day at the park, but are going to make the best of a rainy day!   🙂 

Also, please remember the 1:30 early dismissal!

Thank you!
Mrs. Bittenbender, Mr. Heiney, and Miss Szentesy   

Money Madness!

Students in 1-S had fun reviewing chapter 11 with some stations.  They were synergizing, encouraging, and helping each other so well, I just HAD to snap a few shots.  And don’t they look cute in their pajamas? Shhh….don’t let them know this, but I think they were actually having FUN too!

IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5891 IMG_5892 IMG_5893

Pajama Day!

The students did it again, they reached their Box Top goal.  The PTO appreciates all the box tops that families clip.  Students earned a PAJAMA DAY!  This will take place  Wednesday, May 14.  Students are allowed to wear their pajamas to school.  They may bring along slippers to wear indoors.  (Kids will need regular shoes/sneakers for lunch and recess).  If they prefer to wear school clothes on the bus, students may change into pajamas here at school.  

Way to go!!! 

Students Become Teachers

The students became teachers while writing “How-To” books during writing.  Today the weather was so nice, that we created two circles and shared our writing outside.  First graders then rotated around the circle, reading to their new partners.  Students enjoyed learning how to do some new activities.   We had quite a variety of books, with titles ranging from:  How to play kickball, How to swing, How to be a good friend, How to spy on your sister, How to fold a piano, How to make a triangle, and many more creative topics. Way to go Leaders!  They will begin their final unit of writing tomorrow! 

IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5850 IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5854 IMG_5855 IMG_5856 IMG_5857 IMG_5858

Spring Pictures

Spring Picture Packets were sent home last week.  Please note that payment is due by May 16.  If you would only like to keep a portion of the set, please return payment for the part you would like, and return the other pictures.  Or, return the entire packet if you are not keeping any of them.

Thank you.  Reminder…this is May 16…next Friday….also the date of our First Grade Picnic to Greider Park!