Monthly Archives: July 2014

It’s coming!

The new Hambright Elementary School is coming!  While I am still not able to be inside the building, I am of course thinking about school and preparing things for our new school and the new year!  I’m excited to see all of my new students again and get the year rolling.  You will all receive a welcome letter from me in August.  While you are getting things together for school, you will need to bring:

-a backpack
-a tool box (equipment box.  Not a zipper pouch, and more than just a skinny pencil case.  It should hold all supplies/equipment at student’s desk.  There were some for 47 cents at Walmart this week!  )
-pencils (sharpened please)
-glue sticks
-16- or 24- pack of crayons
-dry-erase markers

Items you will NOT need in 1-S this year:  personal pencil sharpeners, markers.  There will be other items that some parents choose to donate, such as: tissues, ziploc bags (all sizes), snacks.  These are not required at this time, but if you see some good sales, feel free to pick some up for later this fall!!  

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and I’ll be in touch soon!

~Miss Szentesy 🙂