DAY 100!!!!

Day 100 is coming up.  In first grade, we celebrate this grand 100th day of school. (February 4).

A few things:
1.  All students in first grade will rotate around to ten different stations, to complete fun activities at each.  To make this work, we rely on some fabulous generous parent/grandparent volunteers.  Students will bring home ayellow sheet tomorrow, for parents who are interested in volunteering.

2.  I ask students to make a project to share.  They have a green sheet to bring home with them tomorrow.  More details are on this paper.

3.  Most of our supplies are taken care of already.  The only extra material we need to make this day a success is some Fruit Loops.  If you are out shopping and have the means to donate, please feel free to pick up a box/bag.  Any kind will work.  Kids will not be eating the cereal, just counting!  Thanks for any help you can give.
Look for these papers tomorrow (I’m crossing my fingers that we are all in school tomorrow….keeping my eyes/ears on the weather!)

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