Snow Play!!!

Attention parents:  If we receive a significant amount of snow, students in first grade are permitted to play outside.  

A few things:  Students MUST have snow boots.  They also should have snow pants or a change of pants.  Students who do not bring them, or just choose to stay indoors may do that also!  But thanks to Mrs. Murr for volunteering this fun time, we will allow kids to play in the snow at Hambright.  The first one of the year, in the new building!

Just be sure to have a bag with a change of pants, or snow pants.  Also boots, hats, gloves, etc.  It’s extra helpful if students are able to dress themselves.  I’m sure you can imagine us teachers spending ten minutes getting students in their snow pants/parkas/boots.   haha!  Thanks for your help.  Maybe we can enjoy this winter wonderland at school!

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