Monthly Archives: January 2015


Brrrrrr…… Here are some chilly updates for the week.

Thursday, January 8 is a “day 6.”  We will have Phys. Ed., as usual.  
We will NOT have our spelling test.  

Because of only beginning the lessons on this past Monday, the words will be tested on FRIDAY, which is actually a Day 1.  The following cycle (lesson 14) will begin on this Monday (day 2).  We will have an extra day that cycle to catch up and the words will be tested as usual the following week. 

This week and next, we continue to assess for the “end of the second marking period (!!!???).”  It’s hard to believe that next week we are half-way through the school year already!

Next Friday (January 16) is a school day for elementary students.  It is a cycle day 3.  The middle and high school students are off this day.  This will be a “make-up” day for the November day that we missed, when the secondary students were in session.  Sorry for any confusion.  After Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, we’ll be back to normal!!!  

As always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  It’s been a fun week getting back into the swing of things here at school.  What a great start to 2015!  Thank you for your help and support of your first grader.  It means so much!