Monthly Archives: June 2015

Last week reminders!

Our final writing celebration will take place Wednesday, June 3.  Please plan to arrive around 2:30 and join us in the library!  We will complete the celebration by 3:15 at the latest.  If you’d like to take your child home after that, instead of them riding the bus, just let me know!

Thursday is our final “all-school” assembly.  The first graders will sing their “Farewell to First Grade” song.  We ask that students wear their Leader shirts if possible!  The assembly will begin at 1:45.  The agenda has not yet been finalized, so I do not know the approximate time of their performance.

Friday is our Last Day.  Boo Hoo!  Reminder that neither breakfast nor lunch will be served.  Students will receive their final report cards this morning. Dismissal is at 11:30.