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We had a really grrrrrreat day in 1-S.  I was proud to see students working hard and so quietly for much of the day.  They are really getting the hang of this “first grade” stuff!  Walking in the hallways silently helps others to learn.  Being kind to one another on the playground helps others feel happy.  Keep up the great work!  

Students had a great time hearing the non-fiction selection called “Can You Hear a Rainbow?”  It is about a boy, Chris, who is deaf.  Ask your child what they learned about in this reading.  They made great connections and I could tell some students were impacted by the loss of a sense.  How did Chris know to wake up in the morning if he can’t hear an alarm clock?  What gave him a clue that dinner is ready if he can’t hear his mother calling?  Turn off the volume on the tv tonight and try to figure out what the actors are saying.  Quite an interesting topic today!

Unfortunately we had two “not-so-great” parts of the day.  It seems as though some first or second graders are having trouble in the bathroom.  We also heard things from the lunchroom aides about the cafeteria.  Mr. Howe had a serious conversation with all students in our wing today.  We hope that this solves any issues for the future.  I appreciate any reminders you can give to your children at home.  The proper way to use the rest room, and how to clean up at the lunch table.  As Mrs. Kane so clearly put it, “Hambright is our home, when we are away from home.”  Let’s take care of it!!

Thank you as always!
~Miss Szentesy


Extra sheets

A few students came home today with letters in their Take-Home folders.  Please have the blue or pink sheet (the top copy) completed and filled out by Wednesday.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the names on the papers.  Thank you!

Picture Day!

Students are to have their PICTURE FORM FILLED OUT to hand to the photographer for tomorrow.  We have a new company this year and things will work differently.  If a student is not purchasing  pictures they should just have an empty packet with their name on it.  A few students brought their form in to me today. Thank you!  I will collect the rest tomorrow morning and deliver them at picture time.

Reminder that your second spelling test is tomorrow also.  Practice those words with a great big first grade smile! 🙂


Just a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday, September 17) is Hambright’s “Meet the Teacher” Night.  I look forward to seeing you all between 4:30 and 6:30.  This is a casual format, where you can stop in anytime.  Your child will take you on a tour of the classroom and building, showing you what a day in the life of a first grader is!  🙂 

Friday is an early dismissal.  If your child has a different procedure for dismissal, please be sure to let me know as soon as possible. Buses will be here by 1:20.  Thank you for your help!


A few random reminders:

A reminder about Thursday:
A substitute will be in the classroom.  Ms. Shulenberger.  I will be in the building assessing students individually.  Thank you for reminding your students to do their best and show the substitute great leader behavior!

Students received green slips today for Rita’s Night.  Hambright students are welcome to come between 6:00 and 8:00 Thursday. Some celebrity “scoopers” will be there to serve your ice! 

A few parents have asked about spelling words.  Monday is day 6, and students will take their first spelling test.  I will say a word to the class.  Each student writes the word he/she hears.  This is done whole-group.  It is important that your children listen closely as I say the word and read a sentence.  Words are repeated and I will help students through this first week.  Please do not stress about this.  Practice the words with your children, encourage them to listen to the sounds in the word, and they will do just fine.

I failed to snap a photo of the ABC station last week.  Here you go!


The students in 1-S have learned to synergize (work together) at 5 work stations.  They worked at the class library, ABC station, cube (patterns) stations, art station, and poetry station.  Way to go!  I somehow failed to snap a photo of the kiddos working hard building words with the alphabet.  Stay tuned!  🙂

IMG_3928 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3929