Monthly Archives: October 2015

Team Up!

Our first day of Red Ribbon Week is “Team Up” against drugs.  Check out some cool soccer, hockey, football, tee-ball etc., teams that were represented by 1-S!


Tomorrow students are encouraged to wear orange. “Orange you glad you don’t use drugs!?”

Specials mix-up

This week’s newsletter had a mistake.  I apologize! (Thanks Mrs. Eisenhauer for bringing it to my attention!)  Monday is day 6, which is a music day.  Thursday, day 3 is a “phys. ed.” day.  Sorry for the mix-up!!  The rest of the schedule is correct. 

Thanks for understanding! 🙂

Partner Reading!

On Wednesday, the students learned the correct way to “partner read.”  Take a look at how the students are sitting “EE/KK”  (elbow-to-elbow, knee-to-knee) and their intense focus!  They must read the same sentences together and point to each word.  This partner time allows us to help one another when stuck on words, as well as work on fluency.  Keep up the proactive reading first grade leaders! 

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