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Tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/24) is “Dress Like a Turkey” Day.  Students are encouraged to wear mismatched clothing.  Have fun!
Tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/24) is also book exchange day.  Please have students place books into their bookbags.  We will not have another book exchange day until Tuesday, December 8.  I’d love to see students with new books for that long time!
No school Wednesday (11/25) – Monday (11/30).

Students return in December!! (It’s hard for me to believe!!!!)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! 🙂


Read to Self

We started a special time in first grade this week….it’s called “Daily 5.”  The first part we introduced is “Read to Self.”   The students were able to pick some “Good fit” books on their own.  They then spread out and read for 7 minutes silently.  They are building up their stamina to reach our goal of reading for 20 minutes.  They were so proud today and asked “Will you take our pictures if we do well?”  Of course!!!!

26 first graders reading in a room silently?  It’s amazing!  You could’ve heard a pin drop.  Ask your child about what he or she read.  Ask them how it felt.  What is our goal? 

IMG_4863 IMG_4862 IMG_4861 IMG_4865 IMG_4864

Picture Retake Day

Just a reminder:  Picture Retake Day is tomorrow, Thursday, November 19.  Students must return the packet they received from the original picture day.  Please have your child give me the packet right away in the morning.  Our class is not “scheduled” a time.  If no student tells me they need a retake, they won’t get one.  Thanks!

It’s here!!!

…Conference Time!
I am very excited to meet with all of my students’ families the next two days.  Please remember that my schedule is very tight.  I will need to stick to my allotted time for each student.  When you arrive, take a look at the cute owls in the hallway. The first graders had fun creating a guessing game for you while you wait for your conference.  There will also be papers available on a table for your reading.  If you have no child care, your children can wait in the hallway quietly.  There will be books to read, papers to color, and Stacrobats to…..stack!

Remember, students are dismissed at 1:30 for the next three days.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday!