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This week

Due to the warming temperatures, we will not be taking students out into the snow this week. ¬†No need for students to bring snow gear to school. ūüôĀ

We will still celebrate Day 100 on Thursday, February 4, despite our snow days.  We are aware that many of our parent volunteers needed to request off work to join us that day, so we will honor Day 100 on day 98, haha!  We look forward to having you all join us that day. Please try to arrive 1:15-1:20 to receive your instructions for the afternoon.  Students will rotate around to your groups beginning around 1:30.  Thank you in advance!

Student projects should arrive by Thursday also!  It will be a fun week!

Kids at Work Day!

Below is a message from Mrs. Hinkle, our school counselor.


Kids at Work Day is February 19

As a way to promote career exploration and awareness with our elementary students, Penn Manor elementary schools are planning a special day across the district.  On Friday, February 19, 2016, students will be invited to wear clothing that would represent a career that they may be interested in exploring as an adult. For example, your child may come dressed as a construction worker, doctor, etc. Please make sure that your child’s clothing is appropriate for a day of learning and not distracting.

As an added component to the ‚ÄúKids at Work‚ÄĚ day, teachers and staff will be wearing their college, military, trade-school, or past/present career attire.

Our hope is that ‚ÄúKids at Work‚ÄĚ day will be a great way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chose a career, and what kind of training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.

The Penn Manor Elementary School Counselors would like to thank you in advance for your support for ‚ÄúKids at Work‚ÄĚ Day. If you have any questions, please contact Nichole Hinkle at or by calling the school.


Report Cards

Today your child brought home his or her report card. ¬†Please take several moments to review the student’s progress report. ¬†Praise the high points and discuss some places for improvement. ¬†The writing pieces are yours to keep. ¬†The small white envelope should be opened away from the student. ¬†ūüėČ

Please write any comments or questions you have for me on the comment sheet.  All that needs returned with your child is the comment sheet, and the signed yellow envelope.  Thank you for your help!


Friday, January 29 is an early dismissal day.  Students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.

It’s also an All-School Opening day!! ¬†The theme is “Tropical Day.” ¬†Students are encouraged (not required) to dress for a HOT, HOT, HOT day! ¬†Please remember to have your child in layers. ¬†He or she may change/take off clothing when arriving to school. ¬†Students will need to cover up again to leave after lunch.

Thank you!

Snow Day Take 2

Well, we are closed again for Tuesday, January 26. ¬†Looks like our Easter weekend will be a little shorter. ¬†School will now be in session on Wednesday, March 23 to make up this day. ¬†Thank you for all of the neat pictures (and videos) that you’ve been sending. ¬†It looks like you are all making the best of the snow! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Hang in there!

Snow Play!

As stated in my newsletter this week…just a reminder, since it’s officially here!!!

When we get back to school on Monday (Tuesday?) there‚Äôs a strong chance we‚Äôll still have fun in the snow outside. ¬†It‚Äôs for students who come properly prepared ‚Äď snow pants or an extra pair of pants to change into, warm coat, hat or hood, gloves or mittens, and SNOW boots. An extra pair of socks is recommended. Please send supplies in an appropriate bag. Be sure if it‚Äôs a gym day your child has sneakers (regardless of the weather). ¬†It’s not required of course.

All other children still get indoor recess.  
I hope you’re all having fun and staying safe in this crazy blizzard!

Change of plans

Due to the “make-up” day for this Friday, our class will not attend regular Book Exchange with Mrs. Etzweiler. ¬†Students will still have a substitute, Mrs. Peifer, and will go to art class with Mrs. Wigerman. ¬†The only change is NO Book Exchange Friday. ¬†Remember the 1:30 early dismissal!