Where is Key West?

Because I was not in school last Friday and this Monday, the students are always curious as to my whereabouts.  Yes, Killington, Vermont WAS open for skiing, but that is not where Miss Szentesy spent this weekend.  Quite the opposite!  With temperatures in the 90s (at 10:30 a.m.) and heat index of 99 degrees, I WISH I was able to ski.  That would have been so refreshing!  I ran a 100 mile relay race with some friends (including a fellow Penn Manor elementary teacher!).  The students had many questions about the race and how long it took us to run, where we started, how many “laps” I had to do, etc.  When they saw my medal, many thought that meant that we were the winning team.  They were so cute!  So, click on the link below for more information.  It’s hard to believe we have only ten more days with this fun group… 🙁 


2 thoughts on “Where is Key West?

  1. Way to go “Ms MegaSize” (Miss Szentesy), you rock the boat for a good cause (FL Keys Cancer….). Keep up the good example for your students!

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