Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mitten Tree


Dear Families,

It’s that time of year again!  Our annual Mitten Tree will be set up in the Hambright lobby.  Let’s synergize and fill our tree with mittens, hats, scarves and gloves that will be donated to families in need.  All sizes from infant to adult will be accepted.  Donations must be new and are due by Friday, December 16.  Thank you for helping to keep families warm this winter!

Election Day!

The first graders were really excited to learn about the voting process this year.  Because they are not 18, and not registered to vote, they unfortunately can’t vote for the president (but did your child sing you the “V-O-T-E Vote” song???).  They had fun enjoying the real process of voting today in a cookie election.  

  1.  Students got to taste a little of each type of cookie (chocolate chip or Oreo).

  2. Constituents had a difficult decision choosing a favorite cookie.

  3. Each voter went behind a secret panel to write in their favorite.

  4. Ballots were then placed in a secret voters’ box.

  5. Each citizen was given an “I voted” sticker, just like grown-ups receive!

The ballots were tallied, and in a close vote….. Chocolate chip beat Oreo by only TWO VOTES!!!  In THIS election, everyone is a winner!  Check out the fun!

img_9974 img_9975 img_9976 img_9977 img_9978 img_9979 img_9980 img_9981 img_9983 img_9984 img_9985 img_9986 img_9987 img_9988 img_9990 img_9991