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Thank you to Michaela’s family for taking great care of Sparky these past few weeks.  The Booths say he is eating and growing and still plugging away.  As you can see, it appears he is STILL in the tadpole stage.  No “tadpole with legs” or froglet appearing quite yet.  Thank you for sharing!  And thanks to the other families who have kept in touch.  Keep it up!  I have been busy taking a few college courses but I miss my firsts so much.  Hope you’re all having fun but remembering to read, write, and practice math facts too!
-Miss Szentesy 🙂


Thank You!!!

I am so thankful to have completed this year with my wonderful 1-S leaders!  Thank you parents, so much, for the fantastic kiddos you sent to me.  I appreciate the open communication we had and the synergy that made the year such a successful one.  In addition to some students, I too had tears in my eyes.  One of the greatest joys in teaching first grade is the tremendous growth they make and show from day 1 until day 181.  I’ll miss these first graders and I am confident they will continue their hard work in second grade.  🙂

Have a great summer!
~Miss Szentesy


Our favorites!

Since they have been such special members of our class this year, we remembered to snap a picture of the students with Miss Hill (and Kaiser of course!).  We want to thank you for everything you have taught us.  Miss Hill was so patient, kind, and generous with our students.  She really helped the first graders to do their best and aim high.  Thanks for helping us grow this year.  We will all miss you!


Great day!

I left my camera at the school yesterday, so I failed to snap any pictures of the fun! 🙁
The students rode the bus to Charlestown Park, explored the cool playground, played kickball, jumped rope, threw footballs and frisbees, dug in the sand, etc.  Lunch in the pavilion at the picnic tables or on the grass was great! (but breezy….good job cleaning up the trash that blew away!).  Students created a huge art mural out of sidewalk chalk.  They each received a bottle of bubbles, perfect for a sunny breezy day.  The boys and girls did a fine job and really enjoyed themselves.  Thanks for following the guidelines and synergizing for fun!

Reminder that Monday, June 5 is our final assembly.  First graders are encouraged to wear a Hambright shirt, as they’ll sing a “Farewell First Grade” song for the school.  This begins around 2:00.

Any Penn Manor graduate is welcome and encouraged to join us at 2:30 for a Graduation Walk.  Please wear your cap and gown so we can recognize your outstanding efforts in becoming a high school graduate!

Wednesday the students will receive their report card and meet up with their second grade teacher.  Dismissal is at 11:30, so no meals will be served (breakfast or lunch).

Please remember to bring a backpack each day.
I can’t believe the end is so near!  I miss this group already!