Monthly Archives: February 2018

News About Sharing!

We will begin to have a schedule for students to share.  Because everyone in our class had an opportunity to be the “Leader of the Week,” students now are sharing more often.  To eliminate any “over-sharing,” we have come up with a schedule.  Please follow the cycle days to know your sharing day:
Day A – Aman, Brailynn, Natalie, Tiara, Sophia
Day B – Anna, Ben, Ethan, Jaciel, Pratikshya
Day C – Cassady, Landon, Lexie, Quinn
Day D – Annaleigh, Israel, Jaxon, Valerie, Zavian

If you do not have something to share (showing OR telling), it’s ok to “Pass.”  Thank you for your cooperation!
Miss Szentesy

This week

We started the week with a fun and educational presentation.  Officer Phil safety booklets may be coming home with your child.  Check out Mr. Mike with his tricks, ventriloquist acts, and lessons!


Valentine’s Day was a beautiful day of caring and fun in first grade.  The students LOVED sharing their cards with everyone else.  The sounds of “Wow! Thank you!” could be heard when each child opened and read the individual valentines.  Thank you for taking the time at home to fill them out.  It was totally worth it!

Today we had a Smile War with each other.  Try it at home tonight! 

Snow Day

Please note on your calendars:  Due to today’s snow/ice day, school will now be in session on Friday, May 25.  Any additional snow days (I hope there are none!) will be added on at the end of the school year, in June.  Stay warm and safe today!