Monthly Archives: March 2018

Special Day

Tomorrow is “Tie-Dye” day at Hambright! 
Tomorrow our class will visit the Book Fair!
Tomorrow is an All-School Opening!
Tomorrow is an early dismissal day!
Tomorrow can be a SNOW DAY for First Graders!
If first graders would like to play in the snow, they must come prepared tomorrow.  Students must bring a winter coat, a hat or hood, gloves or mittens, snow pants (or an extra pair of pants to change into), snow boots, and it’s always a good idea to bring an extra pair of socks.  Students must be able to put this on with no help.  Thank you for understanding.  Students who do not bring these items or do not wish to participate will have regular indoor (fun) recess!

Early Dismissal

I assume most of you have already heard, but we will dismissing early today.  Elementary students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.  We WILL be bringing in PM kindergarten at normal time but sending them home at 2:30 pm with the rest of the elementary students.  No evening activities.


Rainbow of Mindfulness

The boys and girls have been enjoying some relaxing brain breaks during the school day.  Friday was filled with many rainbow activities, and even a rainbow mindfulness brain break!  These breaks are short but have proved to be extremely effective in the learning process.  Ask your child about the different colors of the rainbow that they crawled through.  Ask your child how this time of our day makes them feel.


The Hands-on House provided our students with 3 follow-up activities.  They had a great time with the magnets first.  After the paper airplane activity (using the force of gravity….trying to fight gravity), some students made more airplanes at home.  Pratikshya made airplanes for each student in the class.  They had fun attempting to send their airplanes farther and faster than before.  They found that creasing the folds differently, or holding the paper plane in a different way made quite a difference!  Thank you Pratikshya for thinking Win-Win!


Today was a wonderful day in first grade.  Thanks to our PTO for providing this fun playing and learning opportunity.  The Hands-on House visited us at Hambright!  The students investigated the force of magnets, gravity, and light.  Thank you to the parent volunteers for helping the stations run smoothly.  Ask your child what he/she learned.  And check out the coupon they brought home today.  I hope you can take a trip to the Hands-on House! 

Planning ahead

I hope you’re all taking advantage of a day off from school!  Take time to tell stories, read some books, use math skills to follow a recipe in the kitchen, just have fun!

Why not take a minute to plan your outfit for Friday.  Hambright’s spirit day is called “Decade Day.”  Since first graders have not been alive for even  a decade, many of them did not understand what that meant.  I tried my best to explain this concept to the boys and girls.  Take time to reflect with some pictures of family members in the past.  Search the house for some clothing and accessories to play the part.  We’ll see some cute students on Friday, I’m sure!

50’s – Poodle skirts, leather jackets, jeans with white socks and loafers?
60’s – Hippie outfits?
70’s – Disco fever?
80’s – Neon colors, big hair?
90’s –  Wait, these don’t seem so long ago….hmmm…I still have all of my clothes from the 90s!

Have fun and see you all on Thursday (Phys. Ed. day, remember your sneakers!)