Planning ahead

I hope you’re all taking advantage of a day off from school!  Take time to tell stories, read some books, use math skills to follow a recipe in the kitchen, just have fun!

Why not take a minute to plan your outfit for Friday.  Hambright’s spirit day is called “Decade Day.”  Since first graders have not been alive for even  a decade, many of them did not understand what that meant.  I tried my best to explain this concept to the boys and girls.  Take time to reflect with some pictures of family members in the past.  Search the house for some clothing and accessories to play the part.  We’ll see some cute students on Friday, I’m sure!

50’s – Poodle skirts, leather jackets, jeans with white socks and loafers?
60’s – Hippie outfits?
70’s – Disco fever?
80’s – Neon colors, big hair?
90’s –  Wait, these don’t seem so long ago….hmmm…I still have all of my clothes from the 90s!

Have fun and see you all on Thursday (Phys. Ed. day, remember your sneakers!)

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