Park Reminders


Remember to bring a labeled, bagged lunch and drink (unless you pre-ordered from the cafeteria), I already ordered them.
-Children should dress appropriately for the weather.
-Sneakers are a must. Hats and sunglasses would be good to have.

-Water bottles are welcome, but they do have a water fountain.
-PLEASE have sunscreen applied before coming to school.
-Children may bring play equipment that is appropriate (no hard bats or balls, no water balloons, water guns and the like). Be sure all items brought are clearly LABELED. Children must be able to carry all their own supplies.

There is a sand area so buckets and shovels would be okay to bring.
Hoping we have great weather. (Picnic is cancelled if there is rain.)
Feel free to email me with any questions.

Cross your fingers for a dry day!!!  If the weather does not cooperate, we’ll have fun here at school instead!

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