Monthly Archives: June 2018

Final Day!

Today was quite bittersweet for Miss Szentesy.  I feel as though I just met this awesome group of first graders.  From January 18 until today, I have loved every minute of time with these kids.  Yes, every minute.  They are some of the kindest children I have ever met.  Working with them and watching them grow for the last two marking periods has been extremely rewarding for me as an educator.

To the parents of my students, thank you for trusting me with your children daily.  Thank you for instilling a love of learning in your kiddos.  Thank you for teaching them to treat others with respect and kindness.

After 17 years of teaching (15 of them in first grade), I am looking forward to starting new and teaching FOURTH GRADE next year.  Perhaps our paths will cross again in a few years!  Please enjoy your summer and keep in touch!  I miss you already!!!




I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last full day together!  The boys and girls are finishing their work and helping to prepare the room.

Students were told today:
Please ONLY bring back to school their bookbag/folder.  ALL ITEMS coming home today (Science, writing, etc.) may stay at home.  More will come home with students tomorrow as we pack-up and clean the room for the summer.  Thank you!

Fun day!

The boys and girls had a very fun day at the park today.  My  phone is not cooperating at the moment, but as soon as it does (and I can get back to my computer), I will post some great photos!  The class played together, followed directions, shared creativity, were good citizens, showed kindness with materials and words, the list goes on and on.  I could not be more pleased with their actions and behaviors.  They truly tried to be leaders.  Be proud of them!