Hello Fourth Graders!  Happy “Book Lovers Day”!

Two weeks from today we will all be together beginning the exciting 2018-2019 school year.  A letter will be arriving at your mailbox in a few days.  Please read it and let me know if you have any questions or comments or just anything you want to share!  Email me at: megan.szentesy@pennmanor.net.

Parents:  I encourage you to subscribe to this blog.  Please click the button to the right of this page to sign up.  You will receive an email alert whenever something new is posted here.  I recently opened a Twitter account.  I appreciate your patience as I learn this new piece of technology.  It is my hopes that you will also follow me there. twitter

Side note:  Today is “Book Lovers Day.”  How will you celebrate?  Have you worked to complete the Hambright Reading Challenge?  If you need another paper, please click the word read.  What/where are you reading today?

I am busy getting the classroom ready for you to arrive soon.  Can’t wait to see you on Thursday, August 23!
🙂  Miss Szentesy

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