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There is no school tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Today your child brought home an envelope addressed to the parents.  Please see that your student hands you this important paperwork.

Sunday is the Elementary Fun Run.  We have some very speedy fourth graders at Hambright.  We hope you come out and bring your registration form to Manor Middle field for the run!

4-Szentesy has some very diligent workers in here!  More work next week on Chapter 3 math (multiplication and division), spelling words (new list on Monday), a new lesson for Reading, and some finalization of cloud work, temperature, weather tools.  

Have a great weekend!

This week!

Happy raining Tuesday…..
The boys and girls worked hard on their math chapter 2 test last week.  Test corrections are due by Thursday.  Last chapter, many students were able to raise their test score by a letter grade.  Way to be proactive fourth grade!  This week we are beginning chapter 3, relating multiplication and division.  
Spelling test will be given on Thursday, with the packet of work due that day as well. 

Football reading calendars are due by Thursday.  A few students have already read for MORE than 300 minutes.  Readers are leaders!

Reading to find theme and delve more into characterization is the topic for this week.  The reading and vocabulary test will be given on Thursday as well.  Students are enjoying these 8 words this lesson!

For grammar, we began using our workbooks, as well as practice books for StoryTown.  I am impressed with the work ethic of many students in this class.  Hard work and stamina can be contagious.  Keep putting first things first and you all can succeed!

Remember, library books are due tomorrow, and students are off school on Friday.

Any questions, please let me know!

Thursday night reminders

We have had a great week yet again (one more day!)

For tonight, students are to study for their math test.  They worked hard on the practice test today, showing they are ready for the real thing.  Because of that, they will take the chapter 2 test tomorrow.  Review the problems tonight, as the real thing looks very similar!

Tomorrow is picture day! Bring your smiles!!!  All students will be photographed, even if not purchasing a package.  Some of you did this online, but if paying by check, please bring the form tomorrow.  Orders can be placed later as well!

Tomorrow will be the 3rd spelling test of the year.  These kids have really been spelling superstars so far!  Keep it up!

Last call for Book Orders.  Order online with Scholastic, or send to me tomorrow.  I will place the order this weekend.  Thank you!

Did your child fill a bucket today?  Did their bucket have drips falling out, or large drops falling INTO it?  Ask your fourth grader tonight!

Have a great night!

~Miss Szentesy

Inspiring Video

I shared this video of an adorable girl with my students today.  They really liked her.  I see several of this leader’s qualities and character traits in my students.  Please enjoy!

We had another awesome day here at Hambright!  Keep up the respectful manners, kind words, and hard working behavior!  These kids are really the best! 

Have a great weekend!


Busy Night!

Fourth graders in 4-Szentesy have a busy night!  (some of them).

Please remember to:
*study your spelling words…..test Friday!
*return your spelling packet……if not handed in yet
*pack your library book!
*complete math page 85-86
*return application for Leadership Positions…unless already completed or uninterested 🙁 
*math test corrections due tomorrow…..great work to those who earned extra points back!

Phew!  I think that’s all for tomorrow.  Remember, we have an All-School Opening to start the day.  We are looking for leaders all day!  

Keep up the hard work fourth graders!  I’m proud of the stamina you are displaying throughout the rigorous curriculum.  Stay focused, you can do it!

A few updates

Welcome to our first FULL week of fourth grade!  I know it will be another great one.  

Last week was full of hard-working students!  They worked hard to work on the district-required “CDT” testing. This is done on a computer and helps give a baseline for students’ math and reading skills.  The boys and girls worked diligently to complete the testing.

MATH:  Students completed chapter one on place value!  The tests will go home today.  Students have the opportunity to earn some missed-points back!  A “test-correction” form will come home with the test.  We ask for students (and parents, if possible) to look closely at their work. Any mistakes made can be corrected on the extra sheet and turned in for half-credit.  What a great way to learn from our mistakes and continue growing as individuals.  I know students will earn many points back!  To earn credit, the corrections are due by Friday, September 14.

READING:  We completed our first lesson on Unit 1.  This unit focuses on story elements, characterization, and theme.  We learned synonyms/antonyms, 6 vocabulary words, and took the spelling test.  

SPELLING:  Each challenge word is worth 1%.  Check out the awesome scores coming home today!  The new words will come home today, with the packet due on Friday, Sept. 14.  That is also the testing day. 

Thank you for your continued support at home.  Is your child showing you his/her planner each night? It should be checked for assignments, and signed each night.  Thank you!

Keep reading!  The football challenge calendars are due at the end of this month.  Here’s to another great week at Hambright!

Reading Challenge

Apologies for the late paperwork….the high school football team has started a reading incentive.  This started last week, but we just received forms at the end of the day Wednesday.  The forms are coming home today.  They are due back by the end of the month.  Please see the forms and remind your child to record their minutes daily.  Thank you.

Readers are Leaders!

A few reminders

This week the temperature is to again feel like summer!  Please remember that students MAY have water at their desks.  Only water.  It must be in a bottle with a lid that stays on (not a “Deer Park” bottle for example which must open completely).  A reusable water bottle often helps students stay hydrated during these hot days.  When computers are out….water is away!

Spelling lists will come home on Tuesday.  The test will be Friday, Sept. 7.  

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Here are a few pics from the playground last week.
I’m looking forward to a great week!  See you at Rita’s on Thursday!