A few updates

Welcome to our first FULL week of fourth grade!  I know it will be another great one.  

Last week was full of hard-working students!  They worked hard to work on the district-required “CDT” testing. This is done on a computer and helps give a baseline for students’ math and reading skills.  The boys and girls worked diligently to complete the testing.

MATH:  Students completed chapter one on place value!  The tests will go home today.  Students have the opportunity to earn some missed-points back!  A “test-correction” form will come home with the test.  We ask for students (and parents, if possible) to look closely at their work. Any mistakes made can be corrected on the extra sheet and turned in for half-credit.  What a great way to learn from our mistakes and continue growing as individuals.  I know students will earn many points back!  To earn credit, the corrections are due by Friday, September 14.

READING:  We completed our first lesson on Unit 1.  This unit focuses on story elements, characterization, and theme.  We learned synonyms/antonyms, 6 vocabulary words, and took the spelling test.  

SPELLING:  Each challenge word is worth 1%.  Check out the awesome scores coming home today!  The new words will come home today, with the packet due on Friday, Sept. 14.  That is also the testing day. 

Thank you for your continued support at home.  Is your child showing you his/her planner each night? It should be checked for assignments, and signed each night.  Thank you!

Keep reading!  The football challenge calendars are due at the end of this month.  Here’s to another great week at Hambright!

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