This week!

Happy raining Tuesday…..
The boys and girls worked hard on their math chapter 2 test last week.  Test corrections are due by Thursday.  Last chapter, many students were able to raise their test score by a letter grade.  Way to be proactive fourth grade!  This week we are beginning chapter 3, relating multiplication and division.  
Spelling test will be given on Thursday, with the packet of work due that day as well. 

Football reading calendars are due by Thursday.  A few students have already read for MORE than 300 minutes.  Readers are leaders!

Reading to find theme and delve more into characterization is the topic for this week.  The reading and vocabulary test will be given on Thursday as well.  Students are enjoying these 8 words this lesson!

For grammar, we began using our workbooks, as well as practice books for StoryTown.  I am impressed with the work ethic of many students in this class.  Hard work and stamina can be contagious.  Keep putting first things first and you all can succeed!

Remember, library books are due tomorrow, and students are off school on Friday.

Any questions, please let me know!

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