Wonderful Wednesday

We had a wonderful start to our day.  Fourth graders worked hard in math today.  They learned that FACTors are made up of facts, they decompose, (or break down) to the floor. FACT = FLOOR.  MULTIPLES are when we use skip counting.  There can be Millions, the MULTIPLES go on to the moon.  Think MULTIPLE = MOON.  

We practiced spelling by writing our words outside on the sidewalk with chalk.  Spreading out like this and writing really big proved to be a successful way for many of our students to practice. 

The afternoon was a fun time to work with friends and read a Scholastic News magazine for the end of September.  The boys and girls had some debates with the length of the school day and shortening the school week.  Interesting ideas and showing proof (evidence) to support their opinions.

For Content, we wrapped up the first unit on Earth Science.  Some students may have brought home a packet.  It should be in school.  We will complete this in class on Friday and the test will be next Tuesday.  They are doing a great job remembering all we learned so far this marking period. 

Just a reminder that the students will have their first substitute for a classroom teacher tomorrow.  Mr. Stauffer will be with the students while I am in meetings.  Thank you for reminding your children to be great respectful leaders to their classmates and teachers tomorrow.

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