Week of October 8

I received a nice note from the substitute (and Mrs. Wigerman) for my day out yesterday.  I appreciate the boys and girls being 4th grade leaders in my absence. There are a few days this school year that I unfortunately must miss teaching.  It is reassuring to know that the students in 4Szentesy respond well to a change in teacher.  They make me proud. 

Yesterday was spent with the teachers learning some tricks to incorporate technology and the laptops.  This morning the students were able to join my GoogleClassroom and complete an assignment.  Way to go 4-Szentesy!

For next week:
Monday:  NO SCHOOL! 

Tuesday:  Students have a science test (green study guide will help!  All science work was to come home, STUDY THE GREEN sheet).  Math test on chapter 3.  There is a practice test which mimics the expectations on the real deal!

Wednesday:  Book exchange.  Students will begin a science unit with Mr. Showalter today. 

As always, the spelling test for list 6 will be on a Friday (the 12th).  

Thanks for another great week with the 4th graders.  Happy Birthday to our very own Ian!  

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