What to do???

Not sure what to do on this day off?

1.  When it starts snowing (hopefully a decent amount) go out and play!!!!!

2.  When it turns to rain/ice, come inside and…

-Study for your Chapter 10 math test (tomorrow!)
-Read!  – can you write a simple summary of what you read in 3-5 sentences? (Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then)
-Practice your difficult spelling words (probably will postpone the test until next week)
-Plan your “Kids At Work” outfit for Friday
-Write a paragraph about your day (topic sentence, 3 detail sentences, conclusion)
-Nominate a teacher or staff member for “Educator of the Year” (due Friday)  

Please also note, due to this day off, school will now be in session on Friday, May 24!

Be safe and see you all Thursday!

~Miss Szentesy

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