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The students have been working hard in math, writing, reading, you name it…..they are persevering through fourth grade! I’m proud of their efforts. You’ll see the progress on their report cards coming home on April 8. Take a look at the “Important Dates” tab atop this page!

Parents, we are looking ahead to PSSA testing beginning on April 15. If you are out and find some good deals on snacks, would you consider donating something to the class? After working hard during the morning testing sessions, I would like to give students a snack to replenish them! Not a requirement, but thanks for helping to fill their bellies!

Again, please look at the dates for April on this page and take note of them on your home calendars. Thank you!

Quick Reminder

The parent/student workshop is fast approaching! (April 4). Papers are due back by Friday, March 29. We are planning a few lessons/activities/fun for that night. You’ll learn new tools for math, reading, and homework help/organization/study skills. You’ll get some goodies and free pizza too! Check your calendars and return the bottom of the pink paper by next week.

Hope to see you there!

A few reminders

*Monday the students have a math test on customary measurement. Do your best! We will move on to metric measurement in chapter 12, which is a VERY short chapter. It will be completed and tested next week!

*Students can shop at the Book Fair during our Library Instruction time on Tuesday!

*For ELA: We wrapped up the VERY short Unit 5 on Author’s Claim. This week we begin Unit 6, where we will compare and contrast more texts, and learn about firsthand and secondhand accounts.

*Students began a unit on Biology last week, learning about ecosystems. This week we will learn about fossils!

*Friday is “DECADE DAY.” Let’s see students dress in clothing from another decade. Can’t wait to see some of the outfits during our All-School Opening as well!

*Reminder that there is a 1:30 Early Dismissal on Friday.

March 26 – End of the 3rd marking period

March 29 – This is a snow make-up day, we are IN school today!

April 8 – Report cards come home

**PSSA ELA Tests – April 15, 16, 17

**PSSA Math Tests – April 24, 25

**PSSA Science Tests for fourth graders only – April 30, May 1

Overdue Updates

Long overdue updates. It’s already March 7, and it’s hard for me to believe. Thankfully the students in 4-Szentesy have moved into March more like lambs, not lions! Phew!

We are beginning Unit 5 in reading. This is a shorter unit on Author’s Claim. They are working hard and will be tested on it after only 7 class sessions (Next Friday!).

Spelling has been a review week and they will perform well tomorrow on the test (lesson 20).

In math, students have converted measurement units of length, capacity, and weight. They are beginning the time portion, which is the trickiest for many students. This will continue next week as well!

Looking ahead to next week, Social Studies will begin a new unit on government, and Science will begin a unit on Biology.

The end of the marking period will be here on March 26. Keep working hard as the grades are beginning to show the progress students are making!

Remember to spring forward this weekend and move those clocks ahead!