Monthly Archives: August 2019


Friendly reminder that Meet the Teacher Night is Wednesday from 4:00-6:00. Hope to meet you in our classroom for a few minutes!

Students received their fourth grade planners this week. Each morning students are to write their assignments for the night. I will then initial that it is written correctly. Upon arriving home, students are to show their guardian/parent the planner, complete the assignments, and the parent/guardian can initial that the jobs were completed!

Excitement was in the air today as the Szentesy Squad received their brand new Google Chromebooks to use for the year. They can show you the laptops during “Meet the Teacher” session if there is time!

Job applications for students are due on Thursday, before the long weekend!

Thursday is a 1:30 early dismissal for students.

Then…..enjoy the 4-day weekend!

Thank you!
~Megan Szentesy

First week

We had a great start to fourth grade! The students enjoyed some time outside, complete with sidewalk chalk incorporating our new Hambright motto “MARK!

Also, I tried to get a class picture. Sorry for facing the sun. I’ll do better next time. 🙂

Almost there!

For returning Hambright students: Have you completed your Summer Reading Challenge? Be sure to return your orange sheets at the beginning of the school year. I need to have them by Tuesday, August 27 for you to be eligible for the ice cream truck reward.

See you soon!!!

Welcome to the Szentesy Squad!

Happy “last full week of summer!” I am excited to start the school year in just…….12 days! Please check your mailboxes as letters from me will be arriving soon. In those envelopes will be information that pertains directly to the students as well as to the parents. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read them both.

Have a great last few days of “summer.” We’ll have a great year together. See you on August 21st!