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Did you know?

….that we collect used eyeglasses here to donate to the Lions Club? If you have any old glasses, Mrs. Long will take care of getting them to the Lions club. In past years, we have donated at least 2 grocery¬†bags of glasses with 40+ in each. Let’s keep it up. Thanks!


The Szentesy Squad had another busy, productive, fun week!

Students smiled beautifully for their pictures today and received GLOWING compliments on their behavior while waiting for pictures, and while waiting after the pictures were taken. Way to go! We are all so proud of you for the kind, respectful choices you make!

Today the students in my math class took their chapter 2 test. Tests will come home on Monday and students are STRONGLY encouraged to look over the test for mistakes. Test corrections will be due by Wednesday. Great opportunity to raise the score and show us what you REALLY know! This week we’ll begin Multiplication and Division in Chapter 3!

Reading tests for the 2nd lesson came home this week. We started our third lesson, with the test (vocabulary, Theme, synonyms/antonyms) being given on Thursday, Sept. 26.

Spelling continues with the lesson 4 pretest on Monday, the test on Friday, Sept. 27.

We wrapped up our unit on Biology! Their test will be next Wednesday. Students will begin a unit with Mr. Showalter on Monday, but will have a few more days to study their biology notes/study guide before the test is given for Biology.

*Tuesday we have Book Exchange!
*Wednesday afternoon the students will have a substitute for a little bit, while we attend meetings.
*Thursday I will miss the entire day of school (boo hoo!). I will be attending a training for the fourth grade teachers. Mrs. Glassmyer will be teaching and I can’t WAIT to hear about all of the awesome ways my students chose to leave a MARK in my absence!
*Friday will be an Early Dismissal at 1:30, but first….an All-School Opening (just basically an assembly).
*Sunday Sept. 29 is the Elementary Fun Run. Hope you can make it!

PHEW! Lots going on, but it’s all grrrrrreat stuff!

Enjoy this last weekend of Summer!!!

This week!

The first “full five-day” week ended well! Despite being a full moon, Friday the 13th, all that “scary stuff,” I’m proud of the focus many students displayed this week!

Coming up this week:

Monday and Tuesday we will again put Science “on hold” in order to complete our Math CDTs. I’m excited to see the students progress throughout the year. This early test gives us a benchmark to know where the students are currently, and the areas in which they have the most need.

Reading: This Wednesday will be our next Vocabulary test (fluke, muttered, glared, stunned, etc.), along with the weekly lesson test. Students are learning more about characterization, both direct and indirect. What’s the difference?

Friday will be another Spelling test (Lesson 3 comes home on Monday), another Math test (Chapter 2), and it’s Picture Day! Be sure to bring your best smile!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Let’s leave our MARK this week showing our LEADER skills!

Library Books!!!

Although students JUST checked out books last week, we already have a SECOND chance to have Book Exchange. Thursday, students can return their books, OR renew the books. Many students told me this week “I’m not finished yet!” I believe they’ll be able to check out a second book. Students in fourth grade may sign out one fiction book and one non-fiction book each time.

Thanks for reminding your student to have the book at school Thursday!

Great week!

The Szentesy Squad had another great 4-day week!

Math: We finished chapter one already!! Any student who takes math with Miss Szentesy should be bringing the test home to show you. Test corrections can be made over the weekend, and are due by next Wednesday. The student is to put the problem’s number in the small box, and show their work with the new answer in the square. They were reminded to not change answers on the original test . Both the test correction sheet and the test must come back to school for some partial credit. What a great way to learn and to improve your grade at the same time!

Reading: In our first lesson, the students reviewed the 5 elements of a short story (they loved the Flocabulary video to remember “the 5 things that you’re gonna be needing….”). They also learned how to show evidence in a text to support their answers to comprehension questions, find the theme in a text, synonym/antonym practice, and learn 6 vocabulary words. They will be tested on these Monday. They are ready!

Spelling tests will come home on Monday. The new list will be pre-tested on Monday, and the packet will be due by Friday again. Great job today, keep it up for next week!

Today was our first Book Exchange of the year. Students were permitted to check out one library book. Next time they can choose TWO books, one fiction and one non-fiction book! Thank you Mrs. Etzweiler!

If you are ordering any books from the Scholastic order, they are due by next Friday, September 13.

This is a GREAT class, I’m really enjoying our first few weeks together.
Have a great weekend!

Check out the link below if you are interested in the Elementary Fun Run!

Happy September!

It’s September and we have new things happening with the Szentesy Squad!

This week begins our Spelling lessons. The students will receive a pretest on Tuesday (usually a Monday), they have the week to complete a packet, and the test is given on Friday. Look for the green list to come home so you can practice, practice, practice!

We have begun our first unit of the year in ELA. The boys and girls enjoyed reviewing Story Elements and reading “The Hot and Cold Summer.” Vocabulary lists should have come home last week (pact, queasy, annoyed, foisted, etc.)

This week the students will take their first math test of the year. We will have an extensive practice test on Thursday. Students will be able to study that for Friday’s test. As in the past, students are encouraged to complete test corrections for the problems they mark incorrectly. This greatly helps students to understand their mistakes and grow from them (not to mention, receiving extra points to help their grade!)

Content will begin this week with a science unit on Biology!

Library Book Exchange will take place this week. Thank you Mrs. Etzweiler!

It was lovely to meet so many families on Thursday evening. I look forward to a successful year working together to help your child grow!

Last but DEFINITELY not least…..this Thursday night is Rita’s Night! Hambright students can receive a free slushy between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Miss Szentesy and friends will be serving from 6:00-6:30. Hope to see you there! Be sure to thank the PTO for putting together a great back-to-school gathering for our Hambright Leaders!