Great week!

The Szentesy Squad had another great 4-day week!

Math: We finished chapter one already!! Any student who takes math with Miss Szentesy should be bringing the test home to show you. Test corrections can be made over the weekend, and are due by next Wednesday. The student is to put the problem’s number in the small box, and show their work with the new answer in the square. They were reminded to not change answers on the original test . Both the test correction sheet and the test must come back to school for some partial credit. What a great way to learn and to improve your grade at the same time!

Reading: In our first lesson, the students reviewed the 5 elements of a short story (they loved the Flocabulary video to remember “the 5 things that you’re gonna be needing….”). They also learned how to show evidence in a text to support their answers to comprehension questions, find the theme in a text, synonym/antonym practice, and learn 6 vocabulary words. They will be tested on these Monday. They are ready!

Spelling tests will come home on Monday. The new list will be pre-tested on Monday, and the packet will be due by Friday again. Great job today, keep it up for next week!

Today was our first Book Exchange of the year. Students were permitted to check out one library book. Next time they can choose TWO books, one fiction and one non-fiction book! Thank you Mrs. Etzweiler!

If you are ordering any books from the Scholastic order, they are due by next Friday, September 13.

This is a GREAT class, I’m really enjoying our first few weeks together.
Have a great weekend!

Check out the link below if you are interested in the Elementary Fun Run!

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